Are you ready to offset your flight's carbon emission?

We love to fly around the world, but we are also aware of the environmental impact of our air travels. That's why we invite you to offset your carbon emissions from your flight. Making our unique journey experiences sustainable is now possible.

Towards a More Sustainable Future with CO2mission

  • Combating Climate Change

    We work to develop the best products and services to help reduce the climate impact of air travel.

  • The New Route of Change:
    Carbon Balancing

    We aim to make carbon offsetting accessible, easy and practical for all the passengers who are environmentally conscious.

  • Now is the Time to
    Act for Tomorrow

    We are all responsible for the future of the world. How would you like to take a step on a sustainable journey?

Environmentally Responsible Flights

Travels are an indispensable part of our lives. However, we are all aware of the flights’ contribution to global carbon emissions. Now is the time to travel more responsibly to minimize our damage to the environment. Thanks to carbon offsetting, you can fly more environmentally friendly and contribute to a better life in the world.

With that in mind, we launched the CO2mission platform, which offers a carbon offset opportunity for passengers who want to neutralize their emissions from their flights.

CO2mission, allows you to measure your emissions from your airline travels and balance your carbon footprint with practical and accurate calculations.

Start balancing your emissions now to enjoy your eco-friendly journeys. Contribute to a better future with our wide portfolio of carefully selected projects.

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Journey to a Better World

We believe that all efforts to build a better world are invaluable.

We invite you to travel responsibly and join an environmentally conscious community.

Are you ready to join the journey of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) determined by the United Nations with your contributions that improve the world?

Carbon Offset Projects

As much as companies, individuals play vital role in the fight against global warming and global climate change.

We make the fight against climate change more practical with our portfolio of international projects that support sustainability and contribute to environmental protection.

You can contribute to compensating for the environmental impact of your air travel by choosing a project from our portfolio, which includes various projects such as renewable energy, efficient cooking stoves, and afforestation.

All these consist of reliable projects in accordance with international standards, accredited by the Gold Standard (GS) and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) the most rigorous and prestigious certification programs on a global scale.

These projects also contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) SDG-Logo

Soaring Together with Collaborations

At Turkish Airlines, we take you beyond destinations, connecting you to the pulse of diverse cultures, stories, and experiences. With an aim to be your trusted global companion, we embarked on new collaborations that seamlessly blend hospitality, safety, and reliability with environmental responsibility.